Hi! We are Brendan & Elaine Martin and we are Blue Cedar Beef. 

We both grew up on small family farms and plan to continue that tradition. My husband, Brendan, grew up in Virginia and has always had a passion for livestock and farming. I grew up in the Midwest and met Brendan when our dreams of raising cattle collided. 

I was working at a cattle operation shortly after college and Brendan was on a veterinary internship in the same town. We worked cattle together and put out mineral and small talked like any two “co-workers” would do. The funny part of the story, is that what really sealed the deal was the day I invited him over for roast beef. Yes - roast beef is where our story begins and it’s where our story continues to grow and flourish today! My mom always said a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I did just that! 

The rest is history and we now live together in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia raising beef cows, making hay, and running a large-animal veterinary clinic. 



Farming in the Valley. 

Blue Cedar Beef is a family-owned and operated farm.  We raise black Angus cattle which is a breed known for its marbling and eating experience.  We have selected the genetics in our herd for many generations; selecting for cattle that are docile, grow quickly, and hang a Certified Angus Beef carcass that hits either Choice or Prime on the quality grade scale.

A Choice or higher cut of beef will be packed full of marbling, the internal fat in a piece of beef that provides rich flavor, great tenderness, and juiciness to elevate your eating experience like never before.

The cattle are processed at a USDA inspected facility located near the farm where they are dry-aged for 21 days.  Dry aging drastically improves the flavor and quality of the meat you are consuming.  The meat is then flash frozen and packaged into a vacuum-sealed package that is ready to go straight into your freezer.  We drive to pick up the beef and bring it back to our farm, where it is stored and prepared for the final shipment to your doorstep. There is no third party warehouse or middle man involved in the process.  When your order ships, we want you to feel confident knowing exactly where your product is coming from and who raised that animal.


Blue Cedar believes in raising cattle the right way, taking care of the Earth the Lord has provided us, & connecting with our consumers, one conversation at a time.