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Quarter, Half, & Whole Beef Shares

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Quarter, Half, or Whole Beef!
Here are the details: 
We charge $3.25 per pound of hanging weight plus the processing fee passed on directly from the processor. 
We raise Black-Angus beef and select for high-marbling genetics. Our beef grades Choice+ to Prime. The end product eating experience is one of our number one goals. The beef is grass-fed and grain-finished and raised on our family farm near Mt. Solon, VA.  We get our beef processed at a USDA-inspected facility and ask for an extended dry-age of at least 21 days. The beef is then flash-frozen & vacuum-sealed, allowing for a long and stable shelf life. 
When purchasing bulk beef, you get to select the exact cuts you want and several details about how thick you want your steaks, how many steaks per package, etc. We have beef going to the processor nearly every month and are already booking for all of 2022. We do ask for a $100 deposit at the time of processing that gets applied to your total invoice, just to ensure your reservation. 
Let's look specifically at a Half of a Beef:
A half of a beef typically weighs around 400 lbs hanging carcass weight. (We will use the exact weight of your beef when we invoice, but lets use this as an example.) 
400lbs x $3.25/pound= $1300 (beef cost)
400 lbs x $1.40/pound= $560 (processing cost, this will also vary slightly based on your specific preferences) 
Total cost for a half of a beef= $1,860
Let's take it one step further. The take-home beef for your freezer is generally half of the hanging carcass weight. (As the carcass dry ages, water is evaporated, and then as the beef gets cut into steaks, roasts, and ground beef, bone and fat is removed.) You will have approximately 200 pounds of beef for your freezer in a half of a beef. 
$1860 / 200 pounds= $9.30/pound of beef
You can say, well that sounds high as I can buy ground beef for less than $9.30 in the store. That is correct. However, you are also getting all of your high-end roasts & steaks at $9.30/pound which is a huge savings. When we do the math of buying all of your cuts individually at the grocery store vs buying in bulk, you are in fact saving dollars and putting a much higher-quality beef in your freezer!
We also offer quarters and whole beef if either of those options would suit you better. 
We will handle hauling the live animal to the processor as well as bringing the beef back to our farm. We box the beef in 30-40 pound boxes and store it in our walk-in freezer until it best suits you to pick it up. You are welcome to take the boxes home with you to make transport back to your home easiest. 

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