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Christmas Gift Guide: 2022

Christmas Gift Guide: Beef Lover's Edition  *Amazon affiliate links are used 1. Treager Grill. My favorite meat smoker! I use it to grill steaks, cheeseburgers, smoke briskets and roasts, pork butts, and the Thanksgiving Turkey. I've even tossed a pizza straight on the grill and made a delicious mac and cheese in it. (link: Traeger grill)   2. MEATER Plus wireless probe. A Bluetooth probe can uplevel any grilling experience and ensure your steak or roast is cooked to the perfect temperature.   3. A new set of grilling tools 4. Meat Church BBQ Seasoning. This seasoning is so versatile and makes a great gift or stocking stuffer! They can also be found here on Amazon if that's your fancy.  5. A grilling...

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Welcome Fall! Sharing a behind the scenes look at our biz and a big goal for 4th quarter

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald Can you feel the energy in the air as we transition into fall and the final stretch of 2022? I don’t know about you, but for me I tend to get a big boost of motivation right around now. It’s the sweet spot as we wind down from the vacations and long summer days and have a few more weeks before the world begins demanding we focus on holidays and gift buying and planning get togethers.  It’s also time for me as a business owner to really nail down 4th quarter plans, dates, and GOALS.  The main supplier we buy our boxes and shipping...

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Football Kickoff, Game Day Recipes, & a Beef Fact for Game Day

Football! Can you feel it? The crispness in the air, the smell of popcorn and hotdogs, the roar of the crowd, and those big bright STADIUM LIGHTS? Hello football season! I grew up in small town, rural America, where Friday night football, was a BIG deal. A huge deal. I’ll never forget my high school year when we went to state and as the entire town drove in parades and parades of cars leaving town and heading to cheer on our team, the highways lined with signs for each player; followed by the final sign that read, “Last one out, close the gate!” Rural American football. It doesn’t get much better than that. I went on to attend the University...

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Labor Day, Summer Recap, & Routines

September has rolled in with 80-degree days and I’m still mowing the yard once a week. But there are a few leaves floating through the skies and landing at my feet AND the evenings are dipping into the 60’s! Cue all the cozy sweatshirts! Labor Day tends to bring one last summer hurray and the exchange of saying goodbye to long summer nights and hello to cooler nights and the glorious season of fall. I’m ready for it. How about you? Summer is hands down my favorite season (hot, sunny days, gardening, county fairs, perfect porch weather, my birthday, and calving)…but once Labor Day hits, I am ready to welcome Fall with open arms. We’ll celebrate Labor Day by spending...

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What do we raise on our farm?

  There are so many topics I want to cover and stories I want to share, so let's start with the basiscs. What do we raise on our farm?  Our farm is located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We have plenty of rain, hot but not scorching summers, and anywhere from mild to severe winters. The landscape is rolling and rocks and trees are plentiful. The exact area we live in is best suited for cattle or small ruminants (sheep & goats).  We are beef cattle farmers! Nearly everything else we do (pasture & water management, hay production, growing crops, etc) all revolve around their needs. I grew up on a beef cattle, hog, & row crop farm in...

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