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Do you offer a local pickup? 

Yes! We offer a FREE local pickup to any customer willing to pick up their beef at our store location in Verona, VA. Simply choose Local Pickup at checkout and leave a note in the comments about when you expect to pick up your beef. Our storefront is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Our storefront is called Valley Herd Health and is the office location of our other business, a mobile large animal veterinary clinic. 

Local pickup address: 350 Lee Hwy, Verona, VA 24482. (Right beside Armstrong's Restaurant)

How long is the beef aged? 

We offer an extended dry-age on our beef, meaning our beef hangs for 21+ days before it is cut and packaged. This both deepens and intensifies the flavor of the beef and offers a more high-end experience for our consumers. 

Is your beef grass-fed? 

Our cattle are raised on grass and then finished with supplemental grains during the final stages of their development. We think that adding grain to a calf's diet adds marbling and flavor to the beef that is not attainable from a grass-only diet and works really well for our farm.  

I want a product that is currently out of stock: 

We are re-stocking our inventory every 2 weeks and working hard to keep all cuts in stock. Some cuts are more seasonal, meaning we don't keep as many on hand during the off season. Other cuts are always in high-demand and sell out quickly after each re-stock. We encourage customers to join our Insiders email list, as they are always the first to know about product re-stocks. You can join our list by leaving your email in the box on the home page, or sending us a direct email at:

I'm interested in a cut you don't currently offer: 

Great! We are continually adding more cuts and variety as customers request specific cuts. Send us an email at: if there is a cut you're interested in that we don't currently offer and we'd be happy to talk about the possibility of adding this cut. 

Do you offer half or whole beef for sale? 

Yes! We do sell half and whole beeves to local customers for pickup only. We do not ship this quantity of beef. We are working on adding these details to the website, but in the meantime if you are interested in a larger volume of beef at a lower price, a half or whole beef is the route to go. Send us an email at: to ask about our half and whole beef program. 

What does the packaging look like?