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Christmas Gift Guide: 2022

Christmas Gift Guide: Beef Lover's Edition 

*Amazon affiliate links are used

1. Treager Grill. My favorite meat smoker! I use it to grill steaks, cheeseburgers, smoke briskets and roasts, pork butts, and the Thanksgiving Turkey. I've even tossed a pizza straight on the grill and made a delicious mac and cheese in it. 
(link: Traeger grill)


2. MEATER Plus wireless probe. A Bluetooth probe can uplevel any grilling experience and ensure your steak or roast is cooked to the perfect temperature. 

 3. A new set of grilling tools

4. Meat Church BBQ Seasoning. This seasoning is so versatile and makes a great gift or stocking stuffer! They can also be found here on Amazon if that's your fancy. 

5. A grilling basket for those veggies and sides. We love to toss potatoes, asparagus, zucchini, squash, and more in a basket on the grill alongside our burgers or steaks. 

6. Blue Cedar Beef Gift Card. Versatile and consumable, we love gifting our Angus beef via a gift card. 

Blue Cedar Beef Gift Card


7. A pre-seasoned Cast Iron Skillet. I have a 12" cast iron just like this and use it weekly! It was a wedding gift that I never thought I would use, but have grown to love it. It's excellent for searing steaks or pork chops and then sliding it into the oven to finish cooking.

 8. Santa's Holiday Beef Bundle. Premium Steaks, Roasts, and Ground Beef. The perfect variety bundle! 

Santa's Holiday Beef Bundle

 9. Wood Grillilng Pellets If your friends or loved ones have a pellet grill of any type, we are always running out of pellets! There are multiple different varieties of wood pellets (Apple, Hickory, Signature, Mesquite, etc) that would make an easy and fun gift!

10. Tea towels for the homemaker in your life. Cute and fun!

"Support Your Local Farmers" - Tea Towel

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