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Football Kickoff, Game Day Recipes, & a Beef Fact for Game Day


Can you feel it? The crispness in the air, the smell of popcorn and hotdogs, the roar of the crowd, and those big bright STADIUM LIGHTS? Hello football season!

I grew up in small town, rural America, where Friday night football, was a BIG deal. A huge deal. I’ll never forget my high school year when we went to state and as the entire town drove in parades and parades of cars leaving town and heading to cheer on our team, the highways lined with signs for each player; followed by the final sign that read, “Last one out, close the gate!”

Rural American football. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I went on to attend the University of Missouri (go Tigers!) and while football was still a big part of my college years, it didn’t hold the same place in my heart at high school football. There’s just something a little different when you don’t personally know all the players and the bleachers are filled with more strangers than neighbors. But alas, college football does bring with it some major high points! Tailgating being the first and foremost in my mind.

We’d spend the entire day cooking out, grilling, playing corn hole, stuffing our faces, enjoying cold drinks, and hanging out with our friends and family.  Sometimes we didn’t even make it into the stadium to watch the game since so many people had RV’s and buses with huge flat screen tv’s and comfy chairs to watch the game from in the luxury of the parking lot! LOL.

Good memories. I must admit I haven’t made it to many games since graduating, I moved to KS and then back to MO for a short while, then VA. Now I’m in Hokie Nation and I’m still unsure if I look good in those orange and maroon colors. (Shh…don’t tell Brendan I said that)

I’d love to know what team you’re rooting for this fall. And what’s your favorite between high school, collegiate, or pro football?

Now, let’s get on to the tailgating recipes!

These are some of the hands down best sides and foods to bring to your next backyard pre-game cookout or tailgating party. You (and your food) will be the talk of the party. Hopefully along with how your team dominated on the field and brought home the big W!

Friday Night Lights Frito Pie

Recipe Courtesy of: Jess Pryles,


Sirloin Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

Recipe Courtesy of: Chef Tiffany Collins Blackmon,


 Mini Italian Beef Sandwiches with Pepperoncini Slaw

Recipe Courtesy of: Midwest Living


PS. Here's a fun fact for you: 

Did you that since 1941 Wilson has been the sole manufacturer for all NFL footballs and they are all American sourced and manufactured cowhides? 

Today, Wilson produces 4,000 footballs a day, by hand. 

Want to see how it's done at Wilson? Check out this video.


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  • Laci

    I’ve never really cared much about football, but I’ve got my own player now! So, we are starting to get in on the fun. :) Go Pioneers!

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