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What do we raise on our farm?


There are so many topics I want to cover and stories I want to share, so let's start with the basiscs. What do we raise on our farm? 

Our farm is located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We have plenty of rain, hot but not scorching summers, and anywhere from mild to severe winters. The landscape is rolling and rocks and trees are plentiful. The exact area we live in is best suited for cattle or small ruminants (sheep & goats). 

We are beef cattle farmers! Nearly everything else we do (pasture & water management, hay production, growing crops, etc) all revolve around their needs. I grew up on a beef cattle, hog, & row crop farm in Missouri, so raising cattle is a natural fit for me. (Well, mostly natural. I did have a pretty big crying fit when my first show heifer that Dad brought home was twice as big as I thought she was supposed to be and I was beyond scared of her! ...but that's another story for another day!) 

Then, I met Brendan who had an equally large passion for raising beef cattle and we both knew that that would be our future.  

Let's recap:

  • The environment & landscape is well-suited for cattle - check!
  • I grew up & understand how to raise cattle - check!
  • I fell in love with a man who wanted to raise cattle too - check!

...more to follow next week!

Rolling hills in the Shendandoah Valley of Virginia

 Rolling hills in the Shendandoah Valley of Virgina. This our our home!

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  • Jason

    Hi. We are mainly interested in your meat because of ethical treatment. However, I see that your cattle are processed off-site. How far away is the facility and how are the animals transported? Thank you. If the above is satisfactory, then we will be very happy to have found you!

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