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Farmer's Choice Box - 15 pounds

Farmer's Choice Box - 15 pounds

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Farmer's Choice: 

This hand-selected box will contain 15 pounds of dry-aged beef from a roast, ground beef packages, premium steaks, and more. It's our way of offering a wide variety of cuts to fill your freezer at a lower price point for you than ordering individual cuts. Also included, 1 cast iron skillet handle cover! **NEW ITEM**

If you have preferences of cuts you'd like included in your box, please leave them in the comment box. We'll do our best to fulfill your requests based on inventory. 

Our Black Angus beef is guaranteed: 

  • USDA inspected & labeled
  • Extended dry-aged (21+ days)
  • Flash-frozen & vacuum-sealed 
  • Grass-fed, grain-finished
  • USA grown, single animal origin