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Whole Beef

Whole Beef

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(Booking for a processing date of January 25th, 2023)The most economical way to put premium Black-Angus beef in your freezer! Read all the details here. 

Fill the freezer with 400+ pounds of beef.  When purchasing bulk beef, you get to select the exact cuts you want and several details about how thick you want your steaks, how many steaks per package, etc. 

The purchase of this product is the initial non-refundable deposit. The deposit will then be applied to your final invoice due at the time of pickup. 

We will contact you with further details to complete a cut sheet. 

 **Please note, shipping is NOT available for this product. Local pickup only in Verona or Mt. Solon, Virginia.** 

In Stock: Now. (Booking for a pickup date of approximately October 4, 2023)