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Labor Day, Summer Recap, & Routines

September has rolled in with 80-degree days and I’m still mowing the yard once a week. But there are a few leaves floating through the skies and landing at my feet AND the evenings are dipping into the 60’s! Cue all the cozy sweatshirts!

Labor Day tends to bring one last summer hurray and the exchange of saying goodbye to long summer nights and hello to cooler nights and the glorious season of fall. I’m ready for it. How about you? Summer is hands down my favorite season (hot, sunny days, gardening, county fairs, perfect porch weather, my birthday, and calving)…but once Labor Day hits, I am ready to welcome Fall with open arms.

We’ll celebrate Labor Day by spending a few less hours “working” and a few more hours farming. Farming is considered work, right? Well, yes. But in our world it’s the least “work” of all of our businesses in the sense that when holidays are celebrated and we are “closed” to the general public, we get to farm in the peace and quiet of farm life, and that is the sweet spot for us.

We’ll also eat BEEF of course! You can bet our Traeger will be rolling smoke and cooking up something delicious. If we’re lucky, we’ll still have some fresh sweet corn to add in and there will be plenty of sides and desserts too.

To celebrate the last big weekend of summer, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share a couple of specials with you!

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Let's talk routines & meal prep!

It also feels like the last free weekend before we all hit the grind of back to school and schedules and routines FULL TIME. Am I right?

While we don’t have kids in school, the back-to-school energy tends to affect us too and I do love a good routine! If you’re an Organize 365 junkie like me, Lisa teaches that Fall is one of the two most productive seasons for work and home that we have all year (the other is obviously the New Year).

I’ll take all the extra productivity juice I can get. September is a big month for us on the farm (full on calving, making corn silage, planting small grain, etc.)  One of the ways that helps me stay sane during this busy month and really help crank out the productivity is meal planning. I know, I know. Meal planning can be so daunting, but I promise it’s not that hard and ALWAYS worth the time you put into it.

I’m sharing a week of my meal plans here if you’d like to grab it. (totally free!) Plus, here is a blank copy of my meal plan sheet if you just need an outline to get you started. 

Blue Cedar Beef Weekly Meal Plan

Grab the Weekly Meal Plan here. 

Or, use this Weekly Meal Plan: blank template to print & fill out yourself. 

 **Hot tip- I only plan 4-5 dinner meals per week, 1 dessert, and a couple of lunch ideas. 

Breakfast: zero plans. We eat the same breakfast foods over and over and I just keep those ingredients on hand.

Lunch: it’s usually last night’s leftovers, sandwiches, or something very simple

Dinner: I only plan 4-5 because life happens. We eat out at least one night per week or make a frozen pizza or eat leftovers from a previous night. I’ve found that planning a full 7 evening meals is overkill for us


Happy meal planning & sweatshirt weather!

Until next time,


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